Saturday, November 12, 2011

Whirlwind Personality

Ironic as it is, you are reading my blog yet you don't know me that well. Aside of course for my name Angelica. Let me share you things about me. Those stuff that you may somehow know from the moment you've seen my image up to the unexpected things about me.


1. I'm cute. ^____^
2. My first is love is dancing but then i stopped when i realized that I was too big to dance. (literally big)
3. I had my first crush when i was in kindergarten.
4. Angelica is afraid of heights( standing at the edge of the second floor would make me shiver), of rats( i would run as far as I could just to stay away from it, and i don't care if i'm in a public area,)
5. I am very emotional, "iyakin" simple things make me cry...things that nakakatouch or things that would really scare or make me sad.
6. For me, boys are the best friend you can ever have. They can and will keep your secret. They won't use your weakness to put you down and they would make you smile and laugh whatever it takes them.(even risking their Lives??nah? i doubt.. maybe just their reputation)
7. I don't love sweets..(even with chocolates, I love the bitter ones).
8. I don't now how to get mad.. really!  i'm just that good..haha
9. My favorite no. is 7
10. I hated my grade five year. ( i was just very disappointed with my teacher.. well..past)
11. I love doing charity works like Gawad Kalinga..( i love helping, i just don't have the money that's why I want to coordinate with groups that would  help me to do this passion. I'm not rich right!?)
12. I enjoy badminton and when i start holding the racket, you'll see me very serious.
13. I easily catch colds.. bad!
14. Most of the time, I can't continue what I have started. All I have is the fighting spirit..
15. Reading stories fascinates me. So is writing.

One more thing, I am a PROCRASTINATOR, but I am fighting it really hard. `_~

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