Saturday, November 12, 2011

My 25 minute thought (10:10-10:35)

how I wish you can leave me,
I can no longer dwell with your baggage
It’s too much
I can no longer handle
You stay away
and leave sanity in me
Don’t crash my life
I do not approve
I need calmness not you
Poor soul who lives in misery
I no longer dare to be
When darkness succumbs my life
I see the storm in me
A fragile heart who wants light
who only wants to be poured down with majesty
I do not need extravagance
nor I do approve mediocrity
Can I ever be able to change the course of my reality
or be embraced by the curse that will shatter my positivity

Rescue me,

give me air

I need to breathe

For I shall perish if not

so please,

I need your empathy
not just your sympathy
for its only I who can rightfully understand me.

*I've made this for about 25 minutes while having our CSA1 class. I having nothing to do that time after I got to know those binary figures that  made me quit insane. haha..

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