Monday, November 21, 2011


He is not my type!

He is neither annoying nor attractive. He is just a typical teenager. Blah..Blah.. Actually, for my 18 years of existence, I have never come across with this guy. I just heard people talk about him but I haven't seen him for real.

Just a product of my weak imagination! (Just kidding)

Now, he is approximately 5 steps away from me. I shall not take any move that would catch his attention, I might be busted.

SIMPLICITY is really in him and I don’t care if he has just that. He smiles, he laughs, and he gets mad. He even cusses sometimes, and funny as it may seem but I find it cute.

He does not act as if he is someone who he is not. He does not boast or puts himself down. But let me clear these, he isn’t a mediocre.

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For now, everything I have stated are nothing but mere observations. I am not into taking a step of getting close with him for I believe, “I don’t need to be by his side to appreciate the real him”.

He likes people who throw good punch lines. Moreover, he is even a lazy head; he loves to sleep and dislikes hassle. He was born to become a gentleman. Though he is a little bit big, he uses it to protect others and to make them smile.

I’ll end my positive talk about him this time. In the first place, I am not acquainted well with who he really is.

So, what now?

So much for the long introduction, I want to tell you that I am a modern hopeless romantic gal who wishes to find her own prince charming.

A prince charming—every simple girl’s wish. Who doesn’t want one?

I am a self confessed martyr of love. Back when I was in high school, I was a peasant of that cliché. FINE! That was all in the past but now, I am a changed person However, I sometimes blame my past experiences why I hate to fall deeply for someone right now.

I admit I am afraid of getting hurt. I don’t want to mess with my life again just because of a person who does not give some sort of appreciation.


I AM not a great LIAR. Well hey, I may not fall for someone too much but I have a bunch of crushes. But still, in the end of the day I would just be forgetting about them.


Too much for the drama, for now I’ll be sharing with you my notebook—with a checklist in it about some of the top qualities I like in men, or probably I am just fascinated with.

*COOL not hot—I like men who are not stiff. I want it when I am comfortable with his company; making me feel as if I am a different person.

Probable cause: Angelica is a very serious and studious student. She does not spend her time to enjoy. That is why a cool guy would complement her. Someone that would bring her to places, make her enjoy life and would introduce her to new things that she have not experienced in life. COOL right?

Trivia: Guys with the muscles and the like makes me feel bad. I really don’t like it. Personally, you don’t need to have that abs and built to impress girls, being fit is good enough.

*Silent—a guy with sense does not throw words abruptly to impress girls. He who for sometime studies his environment first before blabbering too much is one such appealing guy.

Probable Cause: Boys are irritating when they talk too much compared to girls. Hey, are they aware that when they talk that way they sound too gay? And sometimes it’s as if they are too confident about themselves. Too many words guys would make you sound boastful. A MAJOR TURN OFF!

*Lazy heads with accomplishments—one thing I don’t understand about me is liking this type of boys. Literally, lazy men with great accomplished things are really cool. Think about how did they able to do that? Do they have powers?

Probable cause: Angelica likes it when boys are somewhat dependent to her. She wants to take care and show concern. Boys who are lazy and passive are most of the time considered by many as useless, but for me I understand what they feel.

Boys don’t want a hassle that’s why they let others do their tasks. Some would look like passive in front of many but if you check him out you’ll discover he is done with his stuff.

Trivia: Lazy and crazy boys are fun to be with. It’s as if you need not to worry about
anything going in your life.

*Voice Quality—this is not about a singing contest or a speech feast. I mean, sweet, protective and gentle voice would make girls jump their hearts out. If he can sing, then that would be a BONUS.

Probable Cause: Angelica is one of the boys; she is into so much shouting and stuff. So, she sees to it that she finds the right man who could make her feel special by just talking to her.
Another would be, is her being romantic and all. A typical girl would love to be serenaded with the one she adores. (I mean she loves.)

Trivia: A guy who discreetly sings well just because he doesn’t want to be recognize is absolutely my type of guy. A guy who knows he is good yet he doesn’t flaunt it.

*Smarty Pants—I go gaga over boys who have that substantial brain. I get intimidated most of the time, however ironic as it is they really rock my world. Talking about brains, you don’t have to memorize the whole encyclopedia or almanac. One just need to establish a good conversation and probably knows anything under the sun.

Probable Cause: Angelica thinks she isn’t that smart. She is very attracted to boys that know more or less everything in the world, from the air we breathe up to the process of how a car generates, a life cycle of a frog or how an airplane works.

Trivia: Look, it isn’t easy to find a guy with sense, I mean with BRAINS. I don’t care if he is in the honor’s list or what. It is not about the awards, it’s about his accomplishments. Who knows, the person sitting beside you is not talking at all but when that person starts to speak you’ll be left speechless.

*Music Maniac—it doesn’t mean that he has to be addicted with the same songs or bands that I like. Guys who are engaged into music really rocks, especially if he knows how to play musical instruments.

Probable Cause: As always sharing the same likes and having special skills is one just big package from a girl who hopes for a happy ending like me. For me, a guy who knows how to play the guitar or drums is very attractive.

Trivia: Alternative music or Rock-alternative is what I like the most. Sometimes, I go with old and dramatic songs (if and when I’m feeling something weird). Think about this, isn’t cute when you have that guy with you playing that instrument while you are singing with him? Uhhh….

*Mr. Clean—a simple thing yet everyone fails to comply. Boys with long hair and untidy look really disappoint me. I don’t really care if you have the face like a star. I don’t need someone to idolize, just a simple presentable guy would do.

Probable Cause: My eyes soars everytime I see those long hair, and untidy clothing maybe because of my upbringing. Since highschool, my school I’m in doesn’t approve boys with untidy hair which I believe is very beneficial to me.

Trivia: Who says one needs to be handsome or cute to be recognized? Nah… You just have to bring yourself well, and present yourself as clean as possible. Smell fresh. Look great.

*Gentle Heart—every girl wishes to have a gentleman with them. Gentlemanliness would make girls feel that they are important to you, especially if you are true to your deeds. Don’t ever try to become what you are not. Don’t try to be gentle if you aren’t, you will just end up fake.

Probable Cause: Most of the time, I do things for guys. When doing things, I see to it that they would feel important and special. That is why on my part, I would also like to be treated nicely, to be given importance.

Trivia: I’m really into being treated special, it’s just I want to be treated with respect. For I believe, it is only respect that would bind two different beings.

*The killer smile—boys’ smile makes me jump of my chair, giggle a bit and tremble my heart as if there would no longer be tomorrow. When the one you like would smile pleasantly at you, would you mind at all? Of course, you would lose your sanity a bit and just hear the pounding of your heart.

Probable cause: It is every girls dream to see their crushes or special someone smiling at them. No worries even if he will not talk to you. Just a smile from your night-in-shining-armor would make up your day. (Just as expected!) Don’t get me wrong here, this may be silly a talk but for a simple unnoticeable girl like me, a smile from HIM is one big blessing.

Trivia: Boys with great smile and with nice teeth surely will captivate a girl’s heart. He may not have the best look but if he can carry himself with just a smile, then that would just do. (Promise!)

*The humorous side—jokes may be plainly jokes but some are half meant. Haha! For some instance boys throw jokes that would make you fall for them. But the point here is not that, it is about how they make you laugh.

Probable cause: Boredom is out my league. I hate it when everything is just plain. I must say, I am very funny, weird and all but when it comes to the person I truly like I would shut my mouth up. (If forever would be a choice, I would do.) That is why I want to be with a person who knows how to heat up the atmosphere. If he won’t be that funny, what are we supposed to do? Stare at each other the whole day? Nah…that would be boring.

Trivia: This is the best asset a man must have to make girls fall for them. Some girls would say, humorous guys complement their personality. Being humorous doesn’t mean doing crazy stuff; it’s just that you just know how to handle things, making it more interesting.

*Snobbish/ arrogant / Authoritative—okay, I want it when a boy makes wise decisions. I believe that men who can stand with what they believe proves what a true man is. Call me weird and all, but I like it when a guy snobs me as if I don’t exist. Though I look like a crazy girl in front of him, he doesn’t mind at all.

Probable cause: The true me is bubbly and wacky, nonsense, happy but real. This personality comes out only when I am with my true friends. I love it when I look dumb in front of my guy while he thinks that I’m the weirdest thing ever created. YAY! Guess what? The more he snobs me and smirks at me, I feel more challenged.

Trivia: Hate me and break my heart, I don’t mind as long as you’ll just let me drool over you (Yuck! Haha). The snob and the arrogant type would be the one who’ll make you cry out of too much happiness when that one smiles at you. You would be the luckiest person here on earth since that heartless and numb guy gives a part of his time just to gaze and smile at you.

*Computer over-literate slash photographer—If there would be such term, that’s a nice description of HIM. I talk as if I have met this guy. Yeah, I was born a stalker and I know everything about his craft. For those people who know me, he isn’t the guy you think I am referring to. He’s from faraway islands.

Probable cause: This trait is based from a certain guy. Well, I just knew him through my stalking ability (and I am not kidding). I am fascinated about him being a bookworm, a movie fanatic, an amateur photographer, a visual editor, and a computer addict. He may not know about this, but he is one of the people that encouraged me to blog.

Trivia: Really, this kind of guy rocks, for not all men knows this craft well. There are those who have this ability yet do not make any move to improve it.

*Cute guys—let’s not be hypocrites! Who would ever say that “I love an ugly guy!”? I mean, no one’s really ugly but just for discussion purposes let’s just say they do exist. Every girl has her own picture of his dream guy. Someone that we paint in our own minds. Perfect. Fictional?

Probable cause: I just like charming, cute and simple guys. I don’t dream too much for all I know I am not that good looking. For once and for all let’s face the reality that not all of us are born attractive. I prefer my guy to be the best of what he is.

Trivia: My own picture of my perfect guy is Moreno, average in height, has thick eyebrows, slim, has pouty lip, pointed nose, puppy eye and with slight mustache and has good taste when it comes to clothes. (actually I’ve seen this man for real).

These are just some of the qualities that my not so ideal guy may/should possess. It doesn’t matter in the end. For all we know, as we take the course of life, we won’t always take into consideration all of the things present in the checklist. Because at the end of the day, you would probably forget everything you have listed once you meet a guy who would make you happy and loved.

What’s your type?  Is it the same as mine?

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