Saturday, November 19, 2011

Story behind my URL

Emotional parasite"

My blogger's name is no other special. For me this is just a short but a good picture of my personality. I am a parasite of my own. The only way of my survival is to get hold of my emotions. Getting hold of other's emotion too would mean entering in their lives. I love to be with other's. I love it when people approach just to ask for an advice.

Their emotional dependency towards me is my food, the thing that keeps laughter and smile on my face. I am too is emotionally weak.
I admit!
 But amidst that reality, I am able to touch and somehow change lives.

Truth speaks, emotional parasites  are no good at all.
That's right, they gradually eats the whole you.
your mind, your heart, your confidence, your happiness.
I have been once a victim, however I don't have the suicidal tendencies nor one of those captivated by the rise of the emo fashion statements.
Tears fall from my eyes too, misery once succumb my being but that is only in silence for others perceive me as a happy gal who loves to crack jokes and play around yet they still do not know what is inside me.

Emotional parasite is my expression
my life.
 my work of art. 
A parasite may address a negative connotation to many but for me,
it showcases a life that continually strives to live.
A life that can only be sustained if there is the existence of others.

This is My Blog.
This is Me.
I'm Unique but Simple.
Priceless : )

I assure you, Emotional Parasite has more to offer...

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