Saturday, November 12, 2011

Unrecovered ME

Where are you? I”m asking myself. I have been the best of me for so long but now deterioration attacked my personality. Whose fault is this, is it mine?

No doubt, the strong part of me has collapsed for a while. How can I ever look up again to see the sky with no tears in my eyes. I fear no one but myself. I am afraid to lose track of my standing. I wasn’t mesmerized by fame, nor by pride and by glory.

Stop the pressures! I do not need them. I need myself. The true me. The whole me.

I want to see that child again who sees only the positive side of life. The one who always sees the good in everything she encounters. Where are you now? I need you, I can no longer grasp the solutions of all the troubles that controls my life now. I need peace, I want it.

Truth says, I am starting to give up but my heart is pretty optimistic that somehow, in this course of time, I’ll be able to stand tall with no strings that propels my being.

Call me frank. Call me sensitive. I would never deny me. Yes, I am transparent, as transparent as the water that runs along the brook. I am not naive.

I dare to discover the depths of me for I know  I would never be in pain. I know myself, but for know is that so?

Change seems to eat me, I do not want this but can never stop this gradual destruction perhaps of the authentic me. No wonder, I see pain. All negativeness spoils me.

How can I recover? Now, tell me. :)

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