Saturday, November 12, 2011

We are NOT Perfect!

Everyday of our lives, we keep on complaining why do things happen. We always try to blame others without checking if we have done something to make things right. It is just natural for humans to deny the fact that we have committed such flaws in life, but is it ethical to claim our innocence in expense of others’?

I, admit that the hardest thing for me is to tell the world that I have done something wrong. I’m not a perfectionist but I look at things on positive ways. It’s not a big deal if I have failed, but the fact that the people stare at you as if you are a criminal is hard to bare. Is it wrong to fail? Am I going to suffer forever because of just one wrong move?

This is the problem that is vividly present in the society. We always see the bad side(or perhaps just observing the bad side) a person has.We keep on counting how many times they have done wrong things without giving credit to the myriad of good things they have contributed not only in our part but also to the rest of mankind.

Isn’t it enough to see them sorry for what they have done? Precisely, I am not washing my hands about this fact. I am also judgmental but often than not, I try to examine what is behind every action a person does. For we don’t have the right to stereotype people nor to give judgements without enough basis.

Let’s open our eyes, we will see how beautiful the world is if we won’t dwell too much with it’s imperfection!

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