Saturday, November 12, 2011

I have the ever friendly smile one could offer.
I give life to inanimate objects by telling their own stories.
The endearing optimist that comes from inside.

is my name. I'm simple, optimistic and emotional.

I get along with friends well because I'm bubbly and out going.  For others, I'm serious and diligent and that's also true. 

The gullible and bubbly girl that would make you smile.
Kids make me laugh. Taking care of them is one big satisfaction.

Fragile and silent rooms of my personality.
A sweet and admiring daughter.

A holiday person, takes note of holidays and plans for surprises.

Many may probably say I'm boring but let me just stress this out "I don't bother to do stupid things just to be accepted by anyone."

CALL me Frank, CALL me Stupid but that's me, no pretensions. I do things for a reason because I know I'll  be the one facing it's consequences.

I love helping others without asking anything in return from them. This is not boasting this is true.

Most of the time people laugh at me.
Most of the time I make them smile.
Then, I realized:

Do I look like a clown or am I just funny?

But in the end, the respectful me still pops out!!!
I may be living with the motto "I don't care"
but I still do have respect preserved in me.

A respectful spirit in me.

Angelica's a music lover..

i love alternative rock..
emotional songs are nice too.
plus Japanese songs equals My MUSIC World :)

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